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     Gamblers Express Inc. offers our clients the finest destinations and travel arrangements available. Our services vary from our exclusive private jets to chartered flights and cruises. Luxury travel is our specialty, so if you are interested in setting up a first-class trip to one of our fine destinations than look no further. 


Frequently asked questions

1.Comps, Offers & Reward/Players Cards
How are Comps extended?
Comps are extended based on current level of play and the Casino has the final decision regarding customer\'s comps.
I have a Casino offer, can Gambler's Express Inc. book it for me?
If you receive an offer from any Harrah\'s Casino, NCL or Atlantis, Bahamas, we can book it for you. Just call 1-800-989-3389 or e-mail us and give us the offer code. We will take care of the rest.
Will my Reward Credits be decremented for the air and hotel ?
Reward Credits are NOT decremented for air/hotel on our scheduled group or chartered trips. A GREAT value to you! The Casino will decrement your points if you book when we do not have a group or charter.
How often must I play using my Total Rewards Card to maintain my balance and not lose my points
You must earn at least one reward credit every six months to retain your balance. If you do not play using your Total Rewards Card within six months your account will be zero. (start over)
What are the benefits of having a Total Rewards Card?
With the Total Rewards Card you are able to accrue Rewards Points which are earned just by playing as you normally would. However now you will be eligible to receive offers in the mail for cash, hotel stays, meals and event invitations! Also as you gain more points you will be raised in tier status from Gold to Platinum to Diamond and so on. With a higher tier status comes preferred reservations, express service, and access to Diamond Lounges and exclusive invitations. All these benefits can only be had if you utilize your Total Rewards Card, so be sure you don’t forget to use it!
What should I do with my medication?
Make sure you bring your medication if you have it. If it needs to be refrigerated then let us know so we can get you a room furnished with a refrigerator.
What do I write on my luggage tag?
Please fill in your Full Name as well as the Full Names of anyone else who may be staying in the room with you. For example, if you and one other person are sharing a room you must put both Full Names on each luggage tag. Just below that fill in the group “Gamblers Express.” That is all the information that the hotel will need. But please be sure to write legibly to aid in the quick drop-off of your luggage.
Can I get a scooter at the casino? A wheelchair?
Absolutely, we can have one waiting for you when you arrive. Please contact us and we will make arrangements with the casino.
How do I establish a credit line? Check cashing privileges?
How do I establish a credit line? Check cashing privilegesTo open a credit line at a casino you must first fill out the appropriate forms. If you already have a credit line at a Harrah’s property and would like to transfer it to another Harrah’s Casino then you will need a few personal documents. Please contact us and we will fill you in on the details and proper forms.
How do you establish a level of play?
You establish your level of play when you use your tracking card in the Casino
How much do the trips cost if I don't qualify?
It depends on the trip you wish to take, our Allegiant charters (not including the private jets) are fairly easy to qualify for if you are a casino player. As you use your tracking card you accumulate points. These points on a daily average determine the level of comp that can be extended to you; You have not been with us before so I am unable to look at your history and determine your comp level. If you have a Harrah\'s total rewards card and give me the number I will check it for you. We either charge you the full retail price, a BOGO price (2 for one) or you are comp on the charter. Our web page often says \"qualified players\" as we fill quickly and like to make sure that our comp and regular players have an opportunity to book, so to find out your price you would have to call our office 1 800 989 3389 and enquire for those \"qualified player\" trips. You can also book and pay by credit card at that time, subject to availability. All of the other trips are based on a assessment of the package verses comp level and you would be given a custom package up front and your charges to your credit card would be mutually agreed ahead of time for your travel and hotel. I hope this answers your questions. I have posted this question on our FAQ section of our website
I notice that most of your trips are restricted to qualified players, what does that mean?
If you have a Total Rewards Card, call in your number and we will check your level of play. If you don\'t have a card, call us anyway as we reserve some seats for new players and we may be able to book you.
I need to become 'qualified' do I go about this?
&Casino complimentaries or comps are rewards offered to casino customers for their gaming activity at the table and slot machines and sometimes poker and racebook. The reason the casino gives you a special rating card to present to ‘pit supervisors’ and for slot players to insert into the machines is so you can develop a gaming profile and get comps. Personnel monitor the games you play, cash or marker buy in, average bets, length of time you play and win /loss. For slot players, the number and denomination of coins and number of pulls is tracked by the machine. From this information the casino uses a formula to determine a ‘Theoretical Win’ and your comp worth. Your comp worth is what qualifies you for trips, the higher your comp worth the more exotic (and expensive) the trips you qualify for. Casino executives know they can reimburse players a predetermined percentage of the “Theoretical Win’ and still have it be cost effective for them to keep you as a customer. Typically, win/loss is not a determining factor in extending complimentaries. Casino complimentary reimbursements can be in the form of discounted or free rooms, food and beverage consideration, admission to shows and even limousine and airline ticket payments. Harrah\'s now have ‘Comp Banks’ for the storage of extra or unused ‘Theoretical Win’ points. These can be extracted to purchase merchandise, use for dining credits, show tickets, etc. and are sometimes transportable to ‘sister’ properties. ALWAYS use your player card to obtain all you deserve.
What is the criterion to qualify for Vegas?
Our Las Vegas trips are not charters they are on commercial air. Since we are paying commercial rates for airfare, the criterion to qualify for a complimentary trip is much higher than our chartered flights to Reno/Laughlin. Let us know if you want a quote for this cost and we can also help you book your flight. You’re welcome to stay at any Harrah’s property in Las Vegas and these include: Harrah’s, Bally’s, Flamingo, Paris, Rio & Caesars. The hotel rates are based on your play and if you do not qualify for a comp room then we could get you in at casino rate. Casino rates at these properties will vary based on the specific dates. Please let us know the dates you would like us to check on as well as the property you are interested in so we can price them accordingly. You are responsible for your own ground transportation. Cabs are about $20 each way or there are shuttles every half hour for $12/person. There is some flexibility if you want to stay longer, as long as the dates overlap our group.
I want to go on a non-charter trip, but want to stay an extra day, can I?
All of our non-charter trips can be extended. Let us know the dates that work for you.
If I want to drive to a Harrah's owned Casino should I just book with the Casino myself? I don't want to bother you!
We appreciate you booking all your casino trips through us. When you book yourself directly or online, the Casino may reassign you to a Casino Host.
How soon can I book?
It is never too early to book a trip posted on the web page. Some of our trips fill really quickly.
I want to book a trip for this weekend, is it too late?
We continue to accept reservations up until the day of the trip based on availability. If a trip is closed because it is full, we post it on the web as TRIP FULL. Even then you can go on standby or a wait list if you wish.
5.Trip Types


     Our Laughlin, Tunica and Atlantic City Charters are all inclusive trips consisting of a roundtrip flight, 2-4 nights hotel accomodation at Harrah\'s and ground transportation to and from the hotel. We are locked in to the days and times of departure.


    Free or discounted packages are based on a history of play at Harrah’s casinos using your Total Rewards Tracking card. If you do not have a card at this time, then we may be able to offer a retail package which varies in cost based on the departing city and destination. Please search our trips to see if we offer retail charters in your area.

Commercial Air
Our commercial air programs work a bit differently than our charters. These flights require much higher criteria to qualify for since they are on commercial airlines. If you do not meet the criteria we would also be able to help book the airfare on your behalf.

Gamblers Express in proud to offer our patrons discounted and complimentary trips via Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and Celebrity Cruise Line based on your prior casino play. Search our trips to see which hosted cruises we are currently promoting. If none of these trips work for you, or if you are looking for a different destination, then we would also be able to book those for you as well. All we would need are the date of departure and name of the ship. All the trips available to you can be found at Please feel free to check out the websites to see everything they have to offer


 We can book any offer you receive and in most cases get an even better upgrade!!

Private Jets
     Our Private Jet program is an exclusive arrangement that Gamblers Express is proud to offer in partnership with John Ascuaga\'s Nugget. Using our 30 seat Dornier 328 jet we are able to get you quickly to your destination with minimal hassle and stress. These flights require much higher criteria to qualify for a complimentary trip and due to the specific type of FAA scheduling this jet falls under, we are unable to offer retail flights. If you are interested in these trips, please provide us with your Rewards Card number.
Atlantis, Bahamas Trips

   We will use your established play with us to get you the most comp for your level of play. Our scheduled dates are for our hosted trips although you are not bound to these specific dates. Let us price out your players package on the dates that work for you. 

      The airfare will be your responsibility, however if you would like us to help price and book it for you we would be happy to do so. Please visit the Atlantis Website  if you have any specific questions about the property. If you have any further questions please let us know.


Las Vegas Trips

     Our Las Vegas trips are not charters they are on commercial air. Since the airfare is at commercial rate, the criterion to qualify for a complimentary trip is much higher than our chartered flights to Laughlin, Tunica or Atlantic City. Gamblers Express will check your play history to see how much airfare we would be able to qualify you for. We are able to book your flight out of ANY airport you prefer and are not limited those listed on our trip search.


    Airfare on our group dates is not decremented from your Rewards Credits. We can arrange to fly you to Las Vegas on non-group dates; however, the cost of the airfare would then be decremented from your Rewards Credits. The only way we can offer non-decremented airfare is to book on our Las Vegas Group dates which can be found by searching the trip schedule.


    You’re welcome to stay at any Harrah’s property in Las Vegas and these include: Harrah’s, Bally’s, Flamingo, Paris, Rio, Planet Hollywood, Imperial Palace and Caesars. The hotel rates are based on your play and if you do not qualify for a comp room then we could get you in at casino rate. Casino rates vary and may be higher on event dates/holidays.


    You would be responsible for your own ground transportation. Cabs are about $20 each way or there are shuttles every half hour for $12/person. Limo service is available; the casino would decrement your Rewards Credits $60 for the arrival service and $55 for the return.