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Complimentary Airfare Offer to Las Vegas

Complimentary Airfare for Guests staying at

Caesar's Entertainment Properties in Las Vegas

This offer is for Up-Front Airfare, meaning that we purchase it for you!
It's a very simple 3 step process that we make as easy as possible for you.

1) Contact Us with your Full Name, Total Rewards Number, Hotel Preference and Dates/Group Dates you would like to travel on.

2) We will let you know how much in airfare we can pick up for you and provide you with some itineraries for you to choose from.

3)You tell us which itinerary works for you and we book it!

This Airfare Offer *CAN BE* combined with the Great Gift Wrap Up Offers in November and December.

Applicable Hotels: Caesar's, Paris, Planet Hollywood, Harrah's, Flamingo, Bally's, Rio, and The Quad.

First time booking with Gamblers Express?

-If so then you must book during our scheduled "Group Dates" which are posted on our Trip Schedule. The exact dates you may stay are flexible, but you must overlap the "Group Dates" at least 1-day. You must also stay at the property specified on that particular trip *unless* it has been a year since your last stay or until Gamblers Express is coded as your host after 3 consecutive bookings at that property. (For further details on coding please see our Frequently Asked Questions section under "Services")

Gamblers Express recommends that you book as early as possible to get the most out of this offer including the most favorable flight times and dates.

Example: A Guest contacts us and asks how much Airfare they qualify for to go to Las Vegas. Gamblers Express checks on their recent gaming history and informs the Guest that we are able to offer $500 in airfare. The Guest would also like to bring their spouse so they will need 2 airfares. After researching the flights we inform the Guest that airfare for two would total $575. The Guest would be responsible for the additional $75. We would get the OK from the Guest, purchase the airfare and charge their Credit Card for $75. Once the room and air are confirmed, Gamblers Express will send out receipts and a formal confirmation letter.

Important Details:

  • This offer is subject to the guests current level of play. This means that the dollar amount for this offer may change after each trip. We do our best to provide the most up to date and accurate offer amount, however, Caesar's Entertainment has the final say.
  • The Gamblers Express Air Offer is considered a cash offer and may not be combined with Free Play Offers, Shopping Spree Offers, Gift Card Offers or Food Credit Offers. Offers such as the Great Gift Wrap Up, GGWU Boosters and Slot/Video Poker Tournaments may be combined. Please be advised there may be exclusions/exceptions as every offer is different. It's our job to fight to get you the most comps and offers so we recommend that you ask us!!
  • Any airfare overage is the responsibility of the guest as we are only able to pick up a certain amount in airfare upfront. Although you are responsible for this overage we can always see about getting this reimbursed to you at the end of the trip. We will also need a Credit Card on file in case of cancellation. Airline cancellation fees and penalties vary by airline.
  • We must book your hotel reservation. If you already have that booked you must cancel it and we will rebook it. We will book you at the Caesar's/Harrah's property of your choice where we are coded as your host or where we have a group reservation. All guests who are not coded to Gamblers Express in Las Vegas must book during our Group Dates as we must have your code, be it a "Hard Code" or a "Soft Code." Group Dates are flexible, your stay only has to overlap our Group Dates by 1-day!!

For more details on Coding, please see our "Frequently Asked Questions" page located under the "Services" tab at the top of the page.